Caviar Lime is a small tree endemic to the sub-tropical rainforests of Northeastern New South Wales & Southeast Queensland of Australia. It produces magnificent green to deep purple/black cylindrical shaped fruit, also known as Finger Lime which contain small caviar size capsules.


Lime Pearl is a natural source of AHAs extracted from the Australian Caviar Lime especially designed to stimulate skin through gentle exfoliation for a smoother, brighter & more even skin complextion.


Dead cells accumulated at the surface of the skin make skin look dull & lifeless. Exfoliation is the best way to remove them & reveal a fresher & newer skin beneath. Performed frequently, it helps keep a radiant look with soft skin.

We use Lime Pearl Caviar in our Moisturising Body Cream & Quench Coconut Mask for stimulated exfoliation while still keeping skin hydrated by blending it with the Coconut Oil & Mango Butter.

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