Intergrating traditional Chinese medicine practices into the Western beauty realm, complete with its minimalist chic look, Only About You is definitely a brand you should have on your radar. Angela & Annie are the lovely girl bosses behind Only About You and we were lucky enough to chat with them to find out more about this up and coming brand!

Firstly, we want to say a big congratulations on the success of your business launch! You must be elated. What inspired you both to create Only About You?

Thank you so much! It has taken a long time to get here but so stoked to have launched at the end of 2018.

The inspiration came from one of our Grandmothers. She had a jade roller from decades ago and when we saw it we instantly loved the idea of a tool which could be used with any serums, oils and lotions. It meant that this tool could also be used by anyone with any skin type/condition. The jade facial roller has a history of bringing longevity of good skin and it was its complete natural state that caught us by awe. A tool with no artificial materials yet had the effects of improving human skin. 

As we both are Chinese descents it made complete sense to introduce a product originating from our culture to the western society. We are proud to broaden our knowledge about natural quartz and extend this Chinese legacy into today’s modern beauty routines.

The name Only About You was simple. We are both workaholics but know how crucial downtime is. Having to juggle between full-time work, family and our social lives it becomes impossible to please everyone. However we wanted to remind ourselves, as well as our customers, that at times it is 100% okay to make things only about you as self care is so important. And hopefully our products reflect this message also.


As a team, what would you consider your biggest achievement is?

We are very proud of the quality of our products, and the knowledge we learnt along the way. To start out with an idea on a piece of paper, then flying overseas to find manufacturers, and finally seeing it all made into real life products is so rewarding. Besides, one of us resides in New Zealand and the other in Australia. So to have started a company mostly through Facebook Messenger comms is pretty incredible!

If you could drop everything and go on a carefree vacation together, where would you go?

We love animals and wildlife so probably Africa. And by carefree, it would be nice if someone arranged everything for us!

What do you think are each others top qualities?

We are both are perfectionists and very fine detailed. Annie is quick with numbers and logistics, and Angela is our creative when it comes to marketing and campaigns. Together we are a good team because we cover all the bases.

What advice would you give to other girl bosses out there who are just starting up their ventures, or aren’t even sure where to start?

It’s all about taking a risk. In all honesty you will never be completely ready. We started off trying to perfect every little detail and that ended up wasting a lot of time. You will pick up what works and what doesn’t as you go. The customers will make things pretty clear!

If you’re starting a business with someone else, a good business partner is very crucial. Having someone who shares the same values as you do will help with making decisions a lot smoother.

One thing that you’d both tell your younger selves.

Strive for your dreams and work hard towards your goals. Rewards won’t fall into your laps, but if you keep going you will see good things happen.

What we can we expect from Only About You in 2019?

Our photoshoot with models is in the planning so a whole lot of fun campaigns are coming up! There will also be tutorial videos coming so we can really teach people what the facial rollers do. Then we will slowly introduce new products that will lifestyle, homeware and dining aspects. However all products will be made with quartz.


With Valentine's Day, or Galentine's Day, approaching what would be your top gift ideas to get your significant other or bestie?  

Anything tailored specifically to the receiver makes a gift that much more special. It may be why our quartz and agate coasters with personalised calligraphy names took such a hit when we posted it on Instagram. Adding one’s name or something meaningful to a product gives that extra touch of showing just how much that person means to you! <3

Check out the Only About You website to shop your Quartz pieces: Only About You