Bec is a fitness fantatic that has managed to keep up some serious #bodygoals while running around after her gorgeous son Braxton. In celebration of International Women's Day we caught up with her to hear what empowers her and what she loves about being a mum, wife and a woman!



Firstly let’s get to know you a bit more. Tell us a bit about yourself – What does a day in the life of Bec look like?

Hi! Firstly thanks so much for having me!

Generally my day starts at 7.30am/8am (I’m lucky my son is somewhat of a sleeper in) and if he’s still asleep I get a nice peaceful alone shower haha (this doesn’t happen often). I get ready for my day putting my moisturiser on for skin hydration and then my daily makeup routine which is basically foundation,brows, eyeliner and mascara. Once my makeup is done I feel ready for the day ahead. I then have a hot lemon water, which is great for digestion and helps re hydrate the body, while getting breaky ready for Braxton and I. Breakfast usually consists of free range scrambled eggs on Vogels sprouted toast with a bit of hot smoked salmon and a big handful of spinach (we have our own chickens which I just absolutely love and Braxton loves collecting them, its such a special thing to be able to do). Sometimes its a smoothie sort of morning, and those days I will make us both smoothie bowls which is such a great way to pack fruit and veges into both of us. Once breaky is finished and tidied up it’s coffee time, I absolutely love my Almond lattes!! I think we all love our coffee right?! I was very spoilt at Christmas and my husband bought me a proper coffee machine which in the long run has totally been cheaper #winwin. Then the rest of the day is mostly all about Brax. I love to go on little adventures with him, and I try to go and discover new places - from cafes to skate parks to different playgrounds or sometimes we’ll meet up with friends for a play date. Toddler life is very full on but so much fun. I love having home days too, where he can just roam around and we play all sorts over the day. He usually has an afternoon nap which is when I get my workout in! This is my time that I make sure I fit in! The washing and dishes and hoovering can all wait as I can do this with Brax toddling around me... my training time is time that I want to focus on just me and my goals (of course there are times that he wakes from only having a short nap and I have to adapt my workout to exercise with him as he’s extra clingy when he wakes up haha (any other mamas feel me there?) but majority of the time I get it done before he wakes. My weekly workouts are a mix of weight training and HIIT sessions (high intensity interval training) HIIT is amazing for mamas that may struggle with time as all you need is 30 minutes and you can get an amazing workout in! After my workout I get Brax as he’s usually just woken then have my protein shake. Our afternoon snack is usually Ceres organic brown rice crackers with cottage cheese, baby spinach and tuna yum! Or if it hasn’t been a Smoothie morning it will be a smoothie afternoon. The rest of the day is generally spent outside on his bike or if the housework needs doing I’ll do it then with him toddling around. He's very helpful giving me the washing to hang out. Then it's dinner which is generally always something packed with veges, I love throwing a whole bunch of veges in a dish because we can all use extra veg in our lives right?! Then its just our nightly mum life routine.



Previously you were working as a PT. How has life changed since having Braxton? And how do you maintain your fitness now while keeping up with a 1 year old?

Yes! I worked at a Women’s gym and went on maternity leave at 35 weeks pregnant. I was teaching fitness and spin classes up until then which was so amazing. It's crazy how much life changes but at the same time doesn’t, I feel like my role as a mum just slotted into my life so easily, Braxton is the most amazing little dude and we have so much fun doing life. I always make sure my fitness is a priority and use his nap time to get it done. Sometimes if timing hasn’t worked out I’ll train with him roaming around, use him as a weight or have him join in with squats haha he loves it. Also having a toddler to run after all day every day and picking up toys constantly is bonus cardio and squats!

Do you have a motto or personal mantra?

To love the process and the results will come...never ever give up on what makes you happy and to always remember why you started in the first place!


What’s at the top of your bucket list?

My top 3 would have to be..

1. To set up my personal training business from home so that mums can come and train and bring their little ones.

2. To make a fit mum movement, to show mums that it’s not hard to make your lifestyle fit and healthy by making an easy to follow nutrition and fitness guide ebook

3. To own a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, haha thats a complete frivolous thing but hey a girl can dream right.


What do you think is the most important step of your own daily skin care routine?

Moisturise daily!! And drink lots of water to keep that skin hydrated!! Also since becoming a mum I have definitely aged (thanks to lack of sleep) so for me after washing off my makeup with my microfibre cloth and water I then put my anti aging serum - this is my most important step. Also treating yourself to a home mask (because lets be honest its so much easier in the comfort of your own home) there’s something so nice about giving yourself a wee papmer session.


On the topic of it being International Women’s Day – What do you love most about being a woman?

Ooh so many things, but I would have to say how we empower one another!! And encourage each other. We are all such beautiful strong human beings.


And finally, What's the #1 piece of advice you would give to mums or mums to be who might be reading this?

Make time for yourself, I know first hand how hard that can be but it is just so important for your wellbeing. Make the time for your fitness, for your skin care routine, for your healthy lunch, it can be tricky but not impossible. There are so many benefits to exercise and energy is one of them (which is so easy to lack when being a busy mum and wife) those happy hormones!! You really can’t get better than through exercise!!



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