Cecile Laguette is a sailing powerhouse! Not only is she a professional sailor but also has her Masters in Naval Architecture!! Lucky for us, Cecile is also an absolute Skinfoodie! Never going on the boat without at least one of our products in her bag.

We caught up with Cecile while she was in NZ and chatted to her about her career in sailing.


Hey Cecile, thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with us and chat! How did you know you wanted to pursue sailing as a career?
Thank you guys! When I was little my parents took my brother, my sister and I cruising in the summers, and we’d go fishing and sailing, and that’s all I really knew for about ten years. Then I went to the UK to study, I was studying naval architecture, because I decided I wanted to design boats. It was there that I discovered racing, and thought that was even cooler , so I took that up. I then came to NZ to do my masters in mechanical engineering and after that I worked for Team New Zealand in the 34th America’s Cup as a designer. I was still racing so much on the side, and knew that is what I wanted to do. So after the America’s Cup, I shifted my whole career to professional sailing.

What was it like being part of the America’s Cup?
It was amazing! It was pretty much out of uni. So it was so cool to be working as a designer for such an incredible team. The team spirit and team culture that they have is something that I will keep with me for the rest of my career and I would love to join them again in the future.

What is the most challenging aspect of racing?
It’s all about building on your performances as you go, asking yourself questions like where can I improve ? I’m constantly in that sort of loop you go through to make sure you’re always giving your best performance on the boat. It’s also so important that you’re doing your best off the boat too, in terms of your fitness and nutrition. I also work with a mental performance coach and before and after every race we talk about the improvements that need to be made or what was good and bad, so that we can improve on every aspect. It can sometimes be difficult because it’s self criticism but you learn to understand that and know yourself a lot better. Another challenging part, and that’s for all sailors, is getting sponsors. Without the sponsors we wouldn't be able to, do what we do. And that takes a lot of work and energy and can sometimes be out of your control whether the potential sponsor will decide to go with you or not. I ma very lucky with Eclisse my current sponsor at the moment, they are a great company and truly great people.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?
Ahh, there's a lot of different people. In terms of a New Zealander I’ve always admired Richie McCaw. He has an amazing ability to lead a team and has such an amazing work ethic that just makes everyone want to get behind him. I’ve never met him but he’s got such a great capability of getting his team together and take the team to the top level, it's inspiring. Team NZ has of course been another huge inspiration for me because of the team culture. There’s no real ‘ego’ so to say in that team, Everyone is there because they’re so passionate about what they’re doing, everyone works really hard and want to be competitng for New Zealand, so it's just such a great team environment. One other women would be Samantha Davies, she’s done two around the world yacht races and I remember watching her while I was studying thinking : "cool this girl is sailing around the world by herself" and it contributed to show me that anything is possible as long as you put your mind at it. There’s not a lot of girls in sailing so it’s always good to encourage the younger generations to come and join us.

Do you have a personal mantra/ motto?
Never, ever give up. I always say that, whether I’m at sea or even on land.

If you could one piece of advice to someone that was wanting to get into sailing what would it be?
Get as much experience as possible, on as many boats as you can. And get yourself known, introduce yourself to people, and get to know the people in the sailing community. I also always say this, if you feel it in your gut as the right decision then run with it because it probably is.

What is your go to skin care routine on the boat?
I mean I’d love to take everything with me, but I always take the Nourishing Moisturiser, the Facial Wipes, and the Lip Balm. No matter what boat I’m on I’ll always take those with me, oh and 50 SPF sunblock. Those are the essentials. Then after a race, when I get on land I always do a Mud Masque, and then every night when I’m on land I use the Rose Hip Oil.

And lastly, what is your favourite Skinfood product?
That’s really tough! If I really had to only choose one I’d have to choose the Rosehip Oil, but I’d miss all the rest haha!


If you want to check out what Cecile is up to now - check out her Instagram @cecilelaguette