Today is World Kindness Day (what a good one huh?)! We’re laying down the best ways you can spread a little kindness!


1, Involve yourself in a community activity! 

Being a part of a community project, event or even doing something neighbourly can reinforce a sense of community and belonging. Not only is this a fantastic way to improve your own wellbeing but the wellbeing of those around you. Try participating in a fun run, working bee or helping to plant trees at your local school! 


2, Make a care package or picnic for a friend!  

Know a mum who’s having a bad week? Friend who has been stressed from exams? Surprise your friend in need with a picnic spread or sneaky block of chocolate to let them know you love them. 


3, Donate your time or a contribution to a favoured charity. 

It can be heartwarming to know you’re improving the lives of those around you. Whether you have a charity close to your heart or you seek a new one that sparks joy in you, find a way to donate either your time, effort, clothes & goods, or small contribution to help those in need. 


4, Pay a compliment to someone! 

Let someone know that they’ve got great style, their presentation was a winner, or that their skin is glowing! After all compliments are free and a little bit infectious! 


5, Be kind to yourself! 

Do something for yourself today, go for that beach walk, have an extra long bath or get your nails done. Taking care of, and being kind to yourself, is the best thing you can do for your own mental health and make you a better friend, parent, loved one, colleague and human. Taking 15 - 30 minutes to relax uninterrupted with your own thoughts, and our Detox Charcoal Mask, is the perfect way to unwind and recentre.